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this song was recorded in 7/1/2012.


Silence grows
My feelings flow
I’m dreaming now
Of all the things I know
I’m here on my own

Making my void in old forgotten playgrounds

Making my void in old forgotten playgrounds


In dreams
I’m moving through heavy water
the love is enormous
its lifting me up
I’d rather be sleeping
I’d rather fall in to tidal waves
and go where the deepest currents go

By watching, I know that the stars are not going to last. I have seen some of the best ones melt and run down the sky. Since one can melt, they can all melt; since they can all melt, they can all melt the same night. That sorrow will come — I know it. I mean to sit up every night and look at them as long as I can keep awake. And I will impress those sparkling fields on my memory so that by and by when they are taken away, I can by my fancy restore those lovely myriads to the black sky and make them sparkle again. And double them by the blur of my tears.

Mark Twain (via theunquotables)

The Truman Show (1998)

The Truman Show (1998)

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Vitamin G(rouper)

Ruins will be released this Halloween on Kranky.

“The album is a document. A nod to that daily walk. Failed structures. Living in the remains of love. I left the songs the way they came (microwave beep from when power went out after a storm); I hope that the album bears some resemblance to the place that I was in.” — Liz Harris



The Raveonettes - Endless Sleeper (Lyric Video)

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There’s a gap in the 20th century, and it fills the world with dreams

Drop Nineteens


Môtel Chantal, Godbout sur la côte-nord by Benoit.P on Flickr.